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Patrea Aeschliman: Over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness field. Writer, Co-producer and Star of best-selling "Go Mom Fitness" DVD series for Moms. Athlete Celebrity trainer for years at 15 to Fit Pilates in Mooresville, North Carolina.

There is a new way to personal fitness and wellness at Lake Norman Pilates Studio, 15toFit. At 15ToFit Pilates, Barre and Fitness offers AFFORDABLE Pilates Equipment, Classes and EXCLUSIVE Private sessions to fit your busy schedule.

Lake Norman Pilates' 15 To Fit: Pilates, Barre, and Fitness.

  • Private Sessions or Group Classes for Women and Men
  • Years of experience helping clients meet and exceed goals.
  • Non-intimidating and fun environment.

Lake Norman Pilates for Everyone

At our studio, we train all ages and skill levels, from teenagers and adults in their 80s to professional athletes and those trying Pilates for the very first time. 15 to Fit's goal is to improve our Pilate Studio clients' lives through Pilates and positive, inspiring relationships. 15 to Fit, a Pilates Studio in Lake Norman, has an ultimate goal to teach people how to help themselves lead optimal lives through Pilates and a comprehensive wellness-oriented life. We value our clients. Every day we strive to provide excellent, personalized customer service to the highest standard when working with our pilates clients.


At 15 to Fit, our clients will learn how to implement healthy nutrition into their lifestyles. A great jump start for people that are committed to losing weight is the Advocare 24-Day Challenge. We provide Advocare supplements and the social support and accountability to accomplish any weight loss goal. See our Advocare link for more information.

Money Back Guarantee!
We guarantee that if you follow our program for 90 days, you will accomplish the realistic goals we help you determine in your initial consultation. We use a team approach to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals through accountability, support, motivation and W-O-R-K. Join us today at Lake Norman Pilates Studio by 15 to Fit for your next workout!

Lake Norman Pilates Studio

At our studio, we teach both contemporary and Power Pilates from the incredibly beautiful Balanced Body Allegro2 Reformers. Reformer workouts are better than ever with the updated reformers. The Allegro 2 has the most intuitive design, is highly adjustable and is easy-to-use. You'll love your next workout at our studio!

Interested in the pilates principles practiced at Lake Norman Pilates Studio, 15 to Fit?

  • CENTERING -  Centering is the starting point and source of all movement. It is the center of the body, or the Powerhouse. The Powerhouse is the area from which all Pilates movements should proceed.
  • CONTROL - At 15 to Fit we perform every exercise with total muscular control. In our plates classes each of our muscles and body parts work together to carry out every exercise.
  • CONCENTRATION - Pilates teaches total concentration and full attention in each movement in order to obtain optimal benefits from every workout.
  • FLOW - All exercises are done as smoothly as possible as one pilates exercise flows into the next.
  • BREATH - In Pilates exercises, movement is powered by breath. Through pilates we practice coordination of breathing with movement with the focus on breathing instructions that above all, it's vital to learn to breathe correctly.
  • PRECISION - Each and every pilates movement has a purpose. It's important in pilates classes to listen and pay attention to how our body works and moves to get the best workout each time.

About Lake Norman Power Pilates 

At our studio you will be empowered to discover your inner strength while transforming both your body and mind through Power Pilates. At 15 to Fit we will completely transform your body. Not only will your posture improve, but your will strengthen your abs, back and buttocks. Get ready to look tone and lean than ever before!

At our studio you will be empowered to discover your inner strength while transforming both your body and mind through Power Pilates. At 15 to Fit we will completely transform your body. Not only will your posture improve, but your will strengthen your abs, back and buttocks. Get ready to look tone and lean than ever before!

Are you suffering from chronic back pain or other debilitating injuries?

15 to Fit will dramatically improve your back pain and other physical ailments as your overall mobility and range of motion improves at our Pilates Studio.


Patrea_1Patrea Aeschliman, the owner of 15 to Fit, has been a fitness instructor for over 25 years. She has a degree in Exercise Science and Fitness from Ball State University and has done extensive training and certification in the method of Power Pilates. Her training has prepared her to pay attention to all clients so their specific needs and issues can be addressed and improved upon during the workout sessions.

At 15 to Fit we make Pilates exercises not only beneficial, but relaxing and fun.  We work diligently to help each and every client achieve their goals while having a great time!

How do I get started at 15 to Fit?

Interested in signing up for a class at our Lake Norman Studio? Here's a few things you need to know:

  • 15 to Fit has many different Pilates classes for students of varying Pilates experience.
  • Our Pilates classes are offered multiple times a day throughout the course of a week.
  • All Pilates classes are 50 minutes long and require online registration in advance.
  • We have private sessions available per request.
  • It's important to let us know of any cancellations in advance. Classes require a 12 hour notice and private sessions require at least 24 hours.

About Our Lake Norman Pilates Classes

All of our classes are organized by experience level. They begin at Level 1.0 Balance for people with 0-6 months Pilates experience and continue to Level 2.5 Advanced Reformer Plus for experience students with 6 month and more Pilates experience.

For a more in-depth breakdown of all our classes please visit our "Class Description" page at the top of the site.

Want to get started? We'd love to have you! Sign up for a class by clicking the "schedule a training at the top right hand corner of the website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 704-880-8870 or send us an email here.